Autopano Pro Pro 2.09

Create panoramic photos in just one click

The developers claim Autopano Pro is the most spectacular breakthrough in automated picture stitching in recent years. It is the first software to automatically detect pictures taken in panoramic mode and the first to perform HDR stitching.

Its also the first software to really correct color and exposure variations between source images. Autopano Pro is incredibly fast and efficient, even in the most difficult cases. Put it to the test today



Autopano Pro Pro 2.09

User reviews about Autopano

  • Disappointed1

    by Disappointed1

    "This is just a trial (non-functional) download"

    This site does not mention one word about the -Free- download being a limited function trial. Shame..   More.

  • panocrap

    by panocrap

    "Results very significantly - artifacts are consistant and hard to fix. "

    Don't Buy this software - even with the simpest shots there are artifacts that always need fixing. The images that t...   More.